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Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane is a Mountain Hotel, situated on the Venabygds Mountain, also known as the Ringebu Mountain, in the municipality of Ringebu. With a distance of only 2,5 km south of Rondane National Park we have a unique location here on the high mountain plateau. The opportunities for unforgettable nature experiences all year around are many. Hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, dog sledge riding, hunting and fishing – something for almost everyone!

We are also located right next to the National Tourist Route of Rondane, which is the shortest drive between Oslo and Trondheim; this makes us a popular resort all year around. Family gatherings, weddings, anniversaries, meetings and conferences – we offer a solution for many different constellations.


Some traditions are authentic and tangible. We wish to keep the traditions alive. What better way to do it than to build for modern tourism upon the authenticity and distinctively Norwegian that a summer mountain farm offers?

In the year of 1919 there was a new summer mountain farm being built by Hans Spidsberg, in the Ringebu Mountain. The mountain farm was placed in the transition between the cultural landscape and the powerful high mountains which are reaching in to the mountain massif of Rondane. The mountain farm was named Spidsbergseter and has ever since the first log was laid been a part of the family. This is where we belong. We are proud of the culture and traditions that we have here in the southern part of Rondane. This is something that we wish to communicate to all our guests.

We are happy to welcome our guests to what has become a modern mountain hotel. All our facilities are built around what will always be the heart of the hotel: the old lodges of the mountain farm.

Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane is more than a hotel; we also have apartments, cabins and a caravan site. In addition we have a very nice pool area inside the hotel and we have our own alpine ski slope. We are the proud holder of the world’s only Aquavit-barn, where we serve numerous varieties of this noble drink. Inside the old goat-barn you will be taken on a journey through the world of Aquavit and also learn some history of the mountain farm.

The mountain has always been the larder for the people of Gudbrandsdalen. Trout, moose and reindeers is not exactly the daily diet for us modern, busy people. We are preparing tasteful food made from traditional Norwegian ingredients. These flavors will make your experience of Norway even more authentic.