Terrain: Spidsbergseter lies in the middle of the Venabygdsfjell plateau, south of the Rondane National park. It’s a snow sure area with fantastic nature, stable climate & great skiing trails. We offer 156 kms of marked & prepared trails in varied mountain terrain with summits up to 1400m. The area is one of the best in Norway fro cross country skiing, both for families and those who enjoy a challenge.

Snow conditions: Our first snowfalls are usually in the end of October and we prepare the trails as soon as possible. We update our web page with snow & trail information from 1st November. Our full winter season starts ca. 20th December and runs until end April. Our average snow depth varies from 70cm to 120cm.

«Vinternatt i Rondane» (Winternight in the Rondane) – Harald Sohlbergs famous painting, vote Norwegian’s favourite painting, shows off the characteristic blue winter light, especially seen in late December, January & early February – often a period of stable calm weather. With the great natural light, northern lights in the night and well prepared trails, it’s a great time to learn to ski.

Ski trails: Great ski trails start right outside the door and when the weather is good, there’s easy access to the mountains in the north. If the weather is a bit windy or grey, turn southwards to the variety of sheltered trails in the birch forest.

Troll-løypa 170 km from Høvringen in Rondane to Sjusjøen by Lillehammer.  One of the most wonderful ski tours in Norway, skiing in an easy mountain terrain from cabin to cabin or hotel to hotel or a mixture of both.  This is for experienced skiers, and mountains skis with steel edges are required, as well as knowledge of map and compass.  The trail is marked, but not prepared, since this is in the high mountains and the track will blow again in short time.  When in local trail nets, parts of the distance might be prepared.  But this is a wilderness experienced – and you ski the way skiing was originally used, having skis that bring you forward independent of tracks.   

Ski waxing room is available every day.